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Patrol Special Police Award

On June 25th the San Francisco Department of Mental Health bestowed and award to Patrol Special Officer Antjuan Taswell for recognition for his service above and beyond his normal duties. Time and again Patrol Special Officer Taswell has proved himself skilled at successfully working with people with mental health challenges. Ms. Helynna Brooke, Board Member of the council, witnessed firsthand Officer Taswell’s interaction with several people, at several different days and times, with severe mental health issues and treated them with dignity and respect, addressing their problems in a calm and trusting way and his ability to safely defuse a situation that was about to turn ugly.

If you remember, 2 years ago, Officer Taswell, on his way to Mission station to start his shift, kept a woman with suicidal tendencies from jumping off the San Francisco Bay Bridge, by using verbal tact as well as his strength to detain her until the Highway Patrol responded.

It is this kind of “patrol special” officer the citizens of San Francisco, the Police Department, our Association and the Castro District are proud to have working its streets, and who is very much appreciated by all.

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