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The Castro/Upper Market CBD provides cleaning services 365 days a year. The services are provided within the footprint of the District (see map) and include:

  • Daily sweeping of the entire district (sidewalks and gutters)
  • Sweeping Harvey Milk and Jane Warner Plazas and cleaning the planter beds
  • Graffiti removal on public and private property (removal of graffiti on private property requires a signed waiver from the property owner) (online form here!) 
  • Report dumped debris to 311
  • Repaint street furniture and lamp posts
  • Additional cleaning services for special events and street fairs
  • Assist with management of plaza furniture
  • Spot Steam Cleaning as needed
  • Regular steam cleaning all sidewalks in the district
  • Steam cleaning Harvey Milk and Jane Warner Plazas as needed
  • Dispatch services

Call 415-471-7536
The clean team will respond to your calls 6:00am to 6:00pm. After hours, calls will be responded to the following day.

Call to report all cleaning related needs including, but not limited to, dog poop, bad spills, broken glass, dumped debris, graffiti, human excrement, etc.

Regular steam cleaning in the footprint by Henri.

henri-pw-1 img_0632

Read community feedback for Clean Team regular, Justin…

Justin on Castro Street IMG_8802 (1)

Clean Team Street Pictures




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