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The full management plan, developed by the Castro CBD Renewal Steering Committee, details the process of continuing the services provided by the current owners’ association, the nonprofit Castro Community Benefit District. The Castro CBD Management Plan describes how the renewed and expanded Castro CBD will improve and convey special benefits to assessed parcels located within the Castro CBD area. The Castro CBD will provide activities consisting of Cleaning Services, Landscaping, Marketing, and Administration and Contingency. Each of these programs is designed to meet the goal of the Castro CBD; creating a more inviting and thriving neighborhood.

Castro Community Benefit District Map

The renewal and expansion of the Castro Community Benefit District was approved by the property owners in the district with the support of 72% of the weighted assessments for another 15 years, until December 31, 2035. On July 14, 2020, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to support the formation of the renewed Castro Community Benefit District.

The Castro CBD board of directors thanks the property owners for this strong show of support!

The “renewed and expanded” Castro CBD begins on January 1, 2021 and doubles down its focus on cleaning the district. The new CBD will increase its ability to keep the district clean and welcoming and will maintain a strong advocacy arm, working with the city departments and elected officials to promote the interests of the Castro and Upper Market communities.

The document below will give you a quick overview of the renewal process and services to be provided in the renewed and expanded Castro Community Benefit District.

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