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Justine Shoemaker
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Alan Lau

Jim Laufenberg

Crispin Hollings

Board Members
Daniel Bergerac
Angel Davis
Michael “Misha” Langley
Helen McClure
Desmond Morgan
Pat Sahagun

About Our Board Members

Our volunteer Board of Directors is composed of the following stakeholders:

Daniel Bergerac is co-owner of Mudpuppy’s on Castro Street.  A San Francisco resident for over 34 years.  He served as President of Castro Merchants for 5 years, and been involved with volunteering in the neighborhood for many years.   In his spare time, Daniel enjoys traveling with his husband, Reinhardt Muir an architect for Flad Architects, and cooking.  Daniel’s passion is maintaining and improving the vitality of the Castro.

Angel Davis is co-owner of Fig & Thistle Bar, Market and the soon to be Fig & Thistle Apothecary with her best friends who all grew up in the city. She is dedicated to San Francisco and the especially to ensuring the success of small businesses. She was raised all over the globe and country due to her father being in the army, but always came back home to San Francisco where her family goes back three generations.

Crispin Hollings has been a resident of the Castro neighborhood since 1990. He has been active in many local community organizations ever since. He served as board president for the Castro Country Club, the Metropolitan Community Church. Crispin is an active member of the Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association (EVNA) and also serves on the boards of the San Francisco Municipal Executives Association (the City’s managers’ union) and the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club. He also volunteers as an instructor with the San Francisco Sundance Saloon. He currently works as the Chief Financial Officer for the San Francisco Sheriff and lives on Collingwood Street with his husband Luis.

Michael “Misha” Langley was raised an army brat who fell in love with San Francisco while serving in the Navy. He has volunteered with various equal rights organizations over the years and is a long time Castro Ambassador. Misha is a property manager for a firm which is based in and manages a major Castro landmark, and believes strongly in preserving and maintaining the history and especially inclusivity of the Castro neighborhood.

Alan Lau is a property owner in the district whose family has lived and worked in the Castro for more than 55 years. He has a background in technology, volunteering for non-profits and property management, and his goal is to improve the experience of living, visiting and working in the district.

Jim Laufenberg has been a property owner and resident in the area since 1990 and works within the district at Coldwell Banker.

Helen Zorzakis McClure is a property owner in the district whose family has lived and worked in the Castro (Quality Shoe Repair) for more than 70 years. Helen was born and raised in the Castro having received her elementary education in the neighborhood and then went on to San Francisco City College and San Francisco State University. She has worked in higher education for the past 35 years as an
adjunct professor. She is an experienced and active volunteer in the non-profit sector of education and directs her efforts to several initiatives working to close the achievement gap. Her goal is to improve the experience of living, visiting and working in the district as well as maintaining the integrity and the value that the small property owner contributes.

Desmond Morgan is the Chief Operating Officer at Grassy Castro dba Eureka Sky. Prior to joining Grassy Castro, Desmond Morgan spent over 18 years in the
pharmaceutical industry. He spent a majority of his time in diabetes and kidney
diseases where he has gained a great understanding to the Endocannabinoid
system. His time was spent interacting with key thought leaders in Diabetes and
Nephrology with major teaching hospitals such as Stanford Medical Center, UCSF
Medical Center, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and San Francisco General
Hospital. Desmond has a Master’s Degree in Asia Pacific Studies from the University of San Francisco, and a Bachelor Degree in Management from Boise State University. He is a board member of Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association.

Pat Sahagun is a native San Franciscan who is also a Castro small business owner of 35 plus years.

Justine Shoemaker is a native San Franciscan and serves as an Asset Manager for a property owner, with a large investment in the Castro and Upper Church and Market Neighborhood.  Her goal is to assist in efforts in planning and maintaining what makes this neighborhood so iconic, while intelligently developing and providing services and improvements that will help the community thrive.

Have questions? Interested in becoming a board member?

If you are interested in joining the Castro CBD board of directors, you can email your interest to

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