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The Chant of the Earth, the Voice of the Land Fund

The Chant of the Earth, the Voice of the Land – By Betsie Miller-Kusz painted in 1981 – needs your help!

The iconic Upper Market Street mural is being restored! Originally painted over 40 years ago, the mural is being restored by the original artist, Betsie Miller-Kusz, working with a team of assistants and volunteers. The restoration is sponsored by the Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association, in partnership with the Castro CBD, but the project requires additional funding to complete, so that is where you come in!

The mural theme features an abstract, brilliantly colored depiction of the landforms behind the retaining wall, located on Market St. at 19th St. The site is at almost the exact geographic center of San Francisco. The forms sweep along at the street level, portraying flows and fissures, uplifts and earth forces, a counterpoint to the downtown skyline visible from the site.

The mural has been restored three times, and although it was not intended as a political statement in 1981, the crises in our lands have made it so today. After its restoration, it will be coated with a varnish intended to last another 40 years, hopefully impervious to atmospheric rivers.

The restoration should be complete in Spring 2024, and will be celebrated with a dedication ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2024 from 5-7 pm as a featured site for the Castro Art Walk. Make sure you join the party! Please help us complete the restoration with your generous donations that will go towards necessary supplies and to pay restoration professionals for their time.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. All donors, with consent, will be listed on the mural.

Supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Donate by Mail

Checks can be sent to:

Castro Community Benefit District
Tax ID: 20-3417247
693 14th Street, San Francisco CA 94114

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