Join us for the unveiling of the new art light installation in Jane Warner Plaza. October 27th. Music starts at 7:30pm. Unveiling will be at 8pm.

by Aphidoidea


Whoever came up with the idea that if you blow away the seeds of a dandelions you can make a wish?
As a child, I remember doing this; I would run around and pick up curb side dandelion flowers and
blow their tiny seeds into the wind and make a wish. But it never dawned on me where these tiny seeds
go? where do they land? no one knows. This art piece is an homage to those seeds –
“wishes” that have prevailed and found their place in the world.

The inspiration for this art work draws from the many wishes many people had, to be able to freely love
and to be able to be themselves. The Castro District and its symbolism represents the collection of all
these wishes into a manifestation for human rights. In many ways, (perhaps) all these people blew into
a dandelion making this wish. Our artwork is a symbol that represents how a single wish that is blown
away can carry enough weight to inspire a movement.
We truly believe that the seeds embody the idea that you can create a movement by starting to wish.
just like the Castro District and its LGBTQ movement that once started as a simple wish.


Come celebrate the Volunteers who keep the Castro/Upper Market vibrant & fun. Donations at the door benefit Pink Triangle Memorial & Castro Cares.

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